Association of building and construction products installers


  • Increase member satisfaction, improve member retention, attract new members


Industry Insights met with the client at its headquarters to determine the goals for the project and discuss the most suitable methodologies for achieving these goals. An II representative then attended the client’s trade show to interact with members and determine the issues to be addressed via the research.

Armed with this information and working in close conjunction with the client’s leadership, Industry Insights designed a three-pronged survey approach that consisted of surveying existing members, former members and prospective members.

The surveys were conducted via a combination of paper and online data capture, and the final results were summarized in a report that contained an executive overview of the main survey findings, supplemented by detailed data tables that analyzed the survey results based on various respondent characteristics.

In addition to the comprehensive final report, the survey results were also presented by an Industry Insights representative at a client board meeting.


Several new offerings were implemented based on the results of the survey, while others were modified or dropped. Member retention increased and several new members joined the organization. The association’s leadership felt they had solid data to guide them as they charted the organization’s future course.

The survey will be conducted again in the future, providing trending data that will allow the association to track the results of their member satisfaction efforts over time.

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