Our modus operandi

To learn about Industry Insights, you need to understand we pride ourselves on being highly responsive to all our client’s survey needs. The hard work and dedication we pour into each and every survey is a direct reflection of the work ethic our clients value in the services they provide to their association members.

With several CPAs on staff, it’s no surprise we love crunching numbers. The reason we’re committed to excellence is our understanding that behind every number is a person. Everything we do is for the people in our client’s associations. It’s people who make organizations great. As you discover more about Industry Insights, you’ll find, with decades of experience providing survey research solutions, you can be certain you and your people will be taken care of.

Not too big, not too small

We are big enough to have the highest quality professionals, yet agile enough to work one-on-one with our clients, paying attention to all the details.

  • Shawn Six Principal
  • Scott Hackworth President, CPA
  • Greg Manns VP of Industry Economics & Technology, CPA, CGMA
  • Dave Piper VP of Operations
  • Marcy Dolnicek
    Marcy Dolnicek Project Director
  • Matthew Chaffin
    Matthew Chaffin Senior Project Director
  • Nicole Johnson
    Nicole Johnson Senior Business Analyst
  • Jake Hackathorne
    Jake Hackathorne Project Manager
  • Ruben Gonzalez
    Ruben Gonzalez Project Manager / Data Analyst
  • Jenny Tweed
    Jenny Tweed Project Coordination Specialist
  • Candice McKenzie
    Candice McKenzie Graphic Designer
  • Mariam Baig
    Mariam Baig Design Specialist
  • Cherie Kompik
    Cherie Kompik Senior Software Developer
  • Benjamin Fair
    Benjamin Fair Senior Software Developer
  • Joshua Snare
    Joshua Snare Senior Software Developer
  • Rick Yutzy
    Rick Yutzy Senior Software Developer
  • Lisa McConnell
    Lisa McConnell Project Coordinator
  • Mitchell McConnell
    Mitchell McConnell Project Manager Intern