Association of health and fitness facilities.


  • Provide benchmarks on compensation levels in the industry and determine the types of benefits offered to full and part-time employees.


Industry Insights worked with the association and a cross-section of member organizations to design a survey instrument that would collect the necessary information to achieve the goal. Industry Insights lent their knowledge from having conducted hundreds of compensation and benefits surveys, while the association and member organizations provided their in-depth knowledge of the industry. This entire process was handled via conference calls and emails.

Once the survey instrument was finalized, we worked with the association on the best strategy for distribution. It was determined that due to the diversity of their membership, the survey instrument would be made available in three different ways: 1) Traditional mail – hard-copy, 2) Online survey form – data sent confidentially to Industry Insights, 3) Electronically – sent via email as an Adobe PDF file.

Data was collected, edited and analyzed by Industry Insights. A comprehensive final report was created that included a summary of key findings, supplemented by detailed data tables that analyzed the results based on various respondent characteristics. Industry Insights again worked with the association and key industry members to ensure that the results were presented in an easy-to-use and actionable format.

In addition to the comprehensive final report, all survey respondents had the opportunity to receive a customized individual Company Compensation Report detailing their compensation levels compared to other groups of respondents most similar to them. These reports served as an important management tool and a valuable incentive to participate in the study.


The association was able to provide a valuable member benefit that was previously unavailable in their industry. The study became one of the association’s most popular publications and a key member retention and recruitment tool. In addition, the results of the study have been used in several industry publications.

The survey is conducted annually, providing important trending data that tracks compensation levels and benefit offerings over time.

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