Member Needs Surveys

These professionally prepared surveys are your key to understanding and satisfying your members’ needs by…

  • Gauging member opinions towards your organization’s current offerings and services
  • Cost-effectively testing potential offerings and services
  • Attracting and retaining members
  • Showing your members that you have their best interests in mind

Member Needs Assessment Surveys are essential in today’s competitive environment. As member budgets tighten and competition for scarce member resources increases, more and more associations and affiliated groups are realizing the importance of accurately ascertaining their memberships’ desires and opinions through survey research.

How the Process Works
Industry Insights can provide a total turn-key service, including survey design; questionnaire distribution via mail, internet, fax or phone; receiving of data; tabulation of survey results; and preparation of a polished, actionable final report, and, if desired, an online Searchable Results site that would allow decision-makers to work interactively with their survey data to run customized reports “on the fly”.

Throughout the entire process, Industry Insights project managers maintain close communications with their clients. This enables us to ensure that the survey’s results provide the information the client needs in order to make important decisions about the future direction of their organization and its offerings and services.

In addition to a general Member Needs Assessment Survey, surveys can also be conducted in order to evaluate a trade show or publication, or to address a specific issue facing the association or group, such as the introduction of a new product, service or certification. Surveys of former and potential members can also be conducted in order to determine what can be done to attract new members and retain existing ones.